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Cultured Llama was born in a converted stable. This creature of humble birth drank greedily from the creative source of the poets, writers, artists and musicians that visited, and soon the llama fulfilled the destiny of its given name.

Cultured Llama Publishing aspires to quality from the first creative thought through to the finished product.


9780993211980-front-cover-low-resThere Are No Foreign Lands, by Mark Holihan

Like the glass-fronted cabinet in Mark Holihan’s Kent home, There Are No Foreign Lands contains beautifully-rendered fragments from the life of a migrant: “pieces of memories from a place where your face and voice aren’t foreign”. These are poignant poems of travel, displacement, personal and political realisations.

Front-MHS-ALTMark Holihan, a writer and graphic designer, is a former Californian who has spent much of his life travelling and is now settled in Kent. He is an alumnus of San José State University where he studied graphic design, creative writing and anthropology. A winner of the Phalen award for both poetry and short fiction, he has also been shortlisted for the Bridport prize, and is published in various anthologies and magazines.

978-0-9932119-8-0. Cultured Llama. PB. 92pp. May 2016. £10.00.

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