Top reviews for Do It Yourself and In Margate by Lunchtime

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book cover2After a cracking launch of Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway by Stephen H. Morris, the press has now caught on to the book. Kent on Sunday has a two-page spread, which you can read in full here. Medway Messenger describes it as a ‘brilliant new book’ and more coverage is promised in the coming week. Speaking of the launch, a couple of Cultured Llama editors were seen playing guitar and singing into a mic during Stuart Turner’s set, and a certain Peter Cook, author of Punk Rock People Management also played. Unfortunately, we were so busy selling books and having a good time that we forgot to take any pictures. So you’ll just have to imagine it.

Buy the book for £15 plus p&p here: Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway

Read the Kent on Sunday review of DIY here.

Read the Medway Messenger review here.

9780992648534-front coverFiona Sinclair reviews In Margate by Lunchtime by Maggie Harris for London Grip. Here is some of what Fiona has to say:

This is a collection of short stories steeped in place, that of the Isle of Thanet.  It is clear that Harris although hailing from Guyana, made her home there for a substantial period of time and got to know not only the landscape but also the myth and mysteries of the area.  Each narrative is set in a different part culminating in ‘A Mermaid’s Tale’ that is in effect a whirl wind guided tour of the area.  As such I think the subject matter will chime well with those who have memories of holidays and daytrips, who have heard of it by reputation and of course locals like me who like to spot the land marks.

You can read the full review here.

Buy a copy of the book for £10 plus p&p here: In Margate by Lunchtime.

All of our books will be on sale at our stall during the Sweeps Festival, Rochester, 2-4 May 2015 10.00- 6.00 in the Boley Hill car park next to Rochester Castle.

Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway – a tale of two Bobs

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book cover2This week, Cultured Llama took delivery of the first print run of Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway by Stephen H Morris. It’s our longest book to date, at 504 pages, and why wouldn’t it be, after two and a half years of research and writing?

Phil Dillon contributed several fantastic band photos to the book, and you can see some of them here.

Here’s what Stephen H Morris had to say on receiving the first copies of his book:

It began on 16 October 2012 when I walked into The Man of Kent, Rochester, ordered a pint of Biddenden’s and waited for a man called Bob Collins to arrive.

At that point I had only a fraction of the knowledge I needed to produce a 504 page book on the subject of Medway music. Bob, who’d once been in a popular Medway band called The Dentists, proved an excellent person to start with, not least because he was writing a book about Medway music too […]

904 days later, I receive a knock on the door from another Bob. This one’s Bob Carling, from Cultured Llama, the publishers of Do It Yourself: a History of Music in Medway. He has come armed with copies of my book to sign – and the usual small stash for me to keep and do with as I will.

In the days between those two encounters with two Bobs a lot has happened. I’ve interviewed Billy Childish while he busied himself with an enormous painting, I’ve enjoyed a cup of tea with Lupen Crook and I’ve drunk countless pints of cider in pubs in the name of research.


Read more here.

The book will be launched on 23 April at 8.00 pm at The Barge, Layfield Road, Gillingham, Kent. There will be music from:

Nick Hughes (Gash, Cenet Rox and The Wax Collectors)
David Read (The Claim and Coax)
Stuart Turner (of The Flat Earth Society)
Peter Cook (of, among many other claims to fame, Mrs Cook’s spin dryer – more about which in the book) who will be both performing and compering the evening.

Full details on the Events page.

Books will be on sale at the launch and during The Sweeps Festival in Rochester, 2-4 May, at the Cultured Llama stall in the Boley Hill Car Park in the moat of Rochester Castle.

Buy the book direct from Cultured Llama for £15 plus p&p: Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway.

An evening with Richard ‘Kid’ Strange, the Godfather of Punk

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Punk Rock People Management CL VERSION FRONT COVEROn Tuesday 9 June, at the Sun Pier Arts Centre, Chatham (8-11pm), Cultured Llama proudly presents an evening with Richard ‘Kid’ Strange, the Godfather of Punk. The evening will be hosted by Peter Cook, Author of Punk Rock People Management (published last month by Cultured Llama).

Sun Pier House CL Version cropped

Richard Strange offers a unique show, featuring music, stories and films spanning 38 years of performing and writing, from The Doctors of Madness to present day.

Richard has worked with Jack Nicholson, Tim Burton, The Sex Pistols, Martin Scorsese, Grace Jones, Sophia Loren, Tom Waits, Marianne Faithful, Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn, as well as appearing in Harry Potter, Batman, Mona Lisa, Men Behaving Badly, Robin Hood and Gangs of New York.

Tickets £10 available via

“When Ziggy shagged all of Amon Duul 2 at the Berlin premiere of AClockwork Orange, their divine progeny was undoubtedly Richard ‘Kid’ Strange”

Julian Cope 

“In my Version of Rock History, Richard Strange looms a lot larger than Pete Townshend”

Paul Morley

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