Do It Yourself hits the Top 50 and some cracking reviews

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book cover2Stephen H. Morris, author of Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway, is offering a Christmas A-Z of Medway (non-Christmas) songs on his website. Tune in at Reviewage.

He is also celebrating (as are we) the inclusion of Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway in the USA magazine Goldmine‘s Top 50 books and albums of 2015. The full top 50 can be read here, and Dave Thompson’s review of the book is here.

Order Do It Yourself: A History of Music in Medway for £15 plus p&p. Buy two or more books and p&p is free.


9780993211935-Cover190915 ALT1.inddThe Hungry Writer by Lynne Rees is reviewed by Fiona Sinclair for London Grip. The review ends:

This is an unusual and charming book. It foregrounds the link between food and memory. The writing prompts invite us to join in the process of engendering memory. The recipes are eminently do-able even for non-cooks.  The reveries encourage us to contemplate our own responses to the moral and philosophical content. This is a book that is deceptive. Its skill lies in encouraging us to think deeply about the past, about moral issues and about our own relationship with food.

Read the full review here. Order The Hungry Writer for £13.50 plus p&p. Buy two or more books and p&p is free.

Front cover Michael CurtisThe Fire in Me Now by Michael Curtis is reviewed in Mistress Quickly’s Bed, Issue 7 (name of reviewer unknown):

Another outstanding poem is The Short Tour … Most poets manage only a handful of very good poems in a lifetime. This is one of Curtis’s. It is worth writing twelve collections to hit on a poem like this. It bears comparison with anyone writing in Britain today.

Order The Fire in Me Now for £8 plus p&p.

Why not add in a copy of Short of Breath by Vivien Jones, also at £8, to get free p&p? Vivien can be heard reading a poem from the collection at MacGuffin. More Cultured Llama authors will be also be adding recordings to the site. Search MacGuffin using the hashtag Cultured Llama to find them.

Front Cover The Lost of Syros 9780993211928 Hi-ResThe Lost of Syros, stories by Emma Timpany is a great addition to your Christmas list. Read an interview with Emma on Strictly Writing. The book is reviewed by Gregory Heath on The Short Story:

Now living in the UK, Timpany was born and grew up in New Zealand. Many of the stories are set there, and a number of them revolve around fellow New Zealander and renowned exponent of the short story form, Katherine Mansfield. ‘Painting Katherine’, for example, is ostensibly the story of when the writer, recovering from a bout of pleurisy, was immortalised on canvas by the American artist Anne Estelle Rice. A clever piece, it’s a vivid minimalist portrait of Mansfield, capturing her essence as strikingly as the painting itself.

Order The Lost of Syros for £10 plus p&p. Buy two or more books and p&p is free.

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