A Witness of Waxwings, new stories from Alison Lock

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We sneaked one last short story collection into 2017. A Witness of Waxwings by Alison Lock. Please take a moment to look at the gorgeous cover image, by our jacket designer Mark Holihan.

A Witness of Waxwings invites us into worlds of shifting time and identities, where brutal reality is often witnessed through a liminal lens. Within these stories are shifts of light, perception, slips into other realms, where people are inhabited by birds, selkies and sprites. There are ghosts in the ocean, faces in the wake. Alison Lock’s fictional world is a route map to unexplored mindscapes.

Alison Lock writes with delicacy about brutality, with the eye of truth turned equally on reality and fantasy. She glances and looks away, her retinal after-images caught on the page.

Cherry Potts, Arachne Press

Read more and order a copy for £12 plus p&p: A Witness of Waxwings

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Two other Cultured Llama short story collections were reviewed last year in MsLexia. Reviewer BeeJayDee writes about A Short History of Synchronised Breathing by Vanessa Gebbie:

This collection […] ranges from empathetic through comic to anarchic. In ‘The Properties of Wax,’ ‘Parallax,’ and ‘Wei-Chi’i’, a sense of loss and loneliness is sensitively imagined. […] The final and best story, ‘Skellig’, is a brilliant evocation of a lonely man who might only exist in spirit. on the boat trip to Skellig island, he “stayed apart” from the others, “his jacket … the colour of distance”. Amongst the sounds of the seabirds, wind, waves, he explores. At the end we feel redemption. Michael “picks up a stone” and “starts to rebuild”. It’s a painting in prose worth rereading many times.

Order Vanessa Gebbie’s collection for £12 plus p&p: A Short History of Synchronised Breathing

If you order two or more books from this website, postage and packing is free.

Susan Allott had this to say about In the Wild Wood by Frances Gapper:

The first third of the book contains several stories about a woman whose mother hs Alzheimers and who is increasingly confused about and childlike. I found these moving and emotionally honest […] But then the woman’s mother dies, and this theme is dropped, which feels sad and sudden – I imagine this is intentional.

From then on the stories are more varied and quirky […] All of them are shot through which at times jars with the emotiveness of the story. Again, this feels deliberate and it gives the stories their unique and surprising edge.

Order Frances Gapper’s collection for £12 plus p&p: In the Wild Wood

If you order two or more books from this website, postage and packing is free.

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