Poetry reviewed – The Other Guernica and The Hospital

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The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art, by Derek Sellen, is reviewed by Steve Xerri in The Poetry Shed. Xerri writes:

The balance, though, tends to come down on the side of the wryly amusing, the beautiful and the joyous in these paintings : what Sellen gives us in his responses to them is not a series of art-gallery selfies dominated by the poet but evocations of the work themselves – not, I repeat, superficial descriptions of, say, a painted quince or historic slaughter, not even a mere account of the process of transferring still life or teeming crowd scene to the canvas.

Read the full review here. Buy Derek Sellen’s poetry collection for £10 plus p&p here:The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art

The Hospital, by Ben Barton is given a highly personal and heartfelt review on Confluence. Confluence’s reviewers are anonymous, so thank you, Anon.

Reading it for the first time in the park – vaguely grumpy after waking with a stiff neck – I found myself breathing in deep gulps of autumn air: kicking like a kid through the leaves. I’m not sick, I chanted softly. I’m not sick.

But the nursing homes stared back at me. And the sirens told me Medway Maritime was just a stone’s throw away. Someone is. Someone is.

And so, these poems evoke both compassion and fear. They flood through me until I feel the selfish pulse of healthy blood in my veins – the desperate affirmation of life. Fish and chips. Sex. A pounding race to the end of the street.

Read the full review here. Buy Ben Barton’s poetry collection for £10 plus p&p:The Hospital 

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