A journey through people in Family Likeness by Michael Curtis

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Neil Leadbeater finds much to enjoy to Family Likeness, Michael Curtis’s collection of poems in ‘Four distinct sections covering family history, childhood and adolescence and married life.’ Neil Leadbeater’s review appears on Write Out Loud.

The first section, ‘Familial’ is an exploration of his ancestral history that is at times both surprising and disturbing as Curtis attempts to get as near as he can to the truth of what happened in the past. Here we read of relatives killed in the first world war just before Armistice Day, of a brother who died as a result of an explosion of live shell casings packed by a batman into his lieutenant’s luggage, a favourite uncle who shared his cigarettes and whisky with his nephew after school, and a father who ran away from home and enlisted as a soldier at the tender age of 15, fearing he had killed his elder brother with a blow to the head. These personal poems will resonate with many readers, given the current revival of interest in genealogy and our fascination with the past. […]

In ‘Halted’ Curtis describes the sheer beauty of the captured moment as this series of poems reflects on the different moods of the countryside, its weather and the changing seasons. It is a far cry from Liverpool 12 and a fitting conclusion to a journey that Curtis has allowed us to follow in this well-structured book, which is as much about a journey through people as it is about landscape.

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