A Poem by Chris Hobday in response to ‘Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning’

November 1st, 2012 § 0 comments

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This poem was written in response to the story ‘The Calypsonians of Ramsgate’ from Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning by Maggie Harris. It was read as part of the 7 Tales, 7 Poems, 7 Days and Nights events at the Canterbury Festival 2012. Read the poem below. or download Chris Hobday poem as a pdf.

Going for a song

If life was something you could breathe in and sing,

the world would be all a-tune and fine,

one long party from the crash of birth’s cymbal

to the coda’s brittle rattle and fade-out

that would, in the verses, teach the rest about

what lay behind each eye, each face, each symbol

and what truth was hidden there, between each line,

and every chorus would be open till two in the morning.

Chris Hobday

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