A celebration of everyday things with Mark Everard, and an interview with Bethany W. Pope

August 18th, 2016 § 0 comments

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Everard Front CoverThe Ecology of Everyday Things by Mark Everard is reviewed in Ecosystems News, Issue 13. The review is by Rosie Walls; she finds much to celebrate, and sees the book as a good way to communicate environmental concerns to ordinary people (i.e. those that may not be subscribers to Ecosystems News!).

Each ‘everyday thing’ has its own chapter. Here, not only is the importance and use of the ‘thing’ explained, the detail of its history, story, journey and culture is also referred to. For instance, he investigates the political significance of tea and its beneficial properties; the value of rice as a sign of deep respect; and the origin of cotton. The abundance of fascinating facts about ‘everyday things’ that pepper the text may, for some, make this quick and easy read and simply a reminder of what one already knows. However, in an era of serious concerns about people being disconnected from nature, many may find it enlightening with regard to our ecological reliance. In fact ‘The Ecology of Everyday Things’ might be a good resource for anyone trying to convince others of the importance of the environment to people.

The Ecology of Everyday Things costs £13 plus p&p.

4b SMALLBethany W.Pope is interviewed by Carly Holmes in Wales Arts Review. Bethany is a prolific writer, now on her sixth published book just four years after Cultured Llama published her debut poetry collection, A Radiance. Read all about her in Wales Arts Reviewand remember that we published her first!

A Radiance costs £10 plus p&p. Buy two books or more from this website, and postage and packing is free.


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