An evening with Richard ‘Kid’ Strange, the Godfather of Punk

April 1st, 2015 § 0 comments

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Punk Rock People Management CL VERSION FRONT COVEROn Tuesday 9 June, at the Sun Pier Arts Centre, Chatham (8-11pm), Cultured Llama proudly presents an evening with Richard ‘Kid’ Strange, the Godfather of Punk. The evening will be hosted by Peter Cook, Author of Punk Rock People Management (published last month by Cultured Llama).

Sun Pier House CL Version cropped

Richard Strange offers a unique show, featuring music, stories and films spanning 38 years of performing and writing, from The Doctors of Madness to present day.

Richard has worked with Jack Nicholson, Tim Burton, The Sex Pistols, Martin Scorsese, Grace Jones, Sophia Loren, Tom Waits, Marianne Faithful, Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn, as well as appearing in Harry Potter, Batman, Mona Lisa, Men Behaving Badly, Robin Hood and Gangs of New York.

Tickets £10 available via

“When Ziggy shagged all of Amon Duul 2 at the Berlin premiere of AClockwork Orange, their divine progeny was undoubtedly Richard ‘Kid’ Strange”

Julian Cope 

“In my Version of Rock History, Richard Strange looms a lot larger than Pete Townshend”

Paul Morley

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