A Witness of Waxwings

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by Alison Lock

A Witness of Waxwings invites us into worlds of shifting time and identities, where brutal reality is often witnessed through a liminal lens. Within these stories are shifts of light, perception, slips into other realms, where people are inhabited by birds, selkies and sprites. There are ghosts in the ocean, faces in the wake. Alison Lock’s fictional world is a route map to unexplored mindscapes.

978-0-9957381-5-7. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 128pp. December 2017. Short Stories. £12.00

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Alison Lock is a poet and author living in the Pennines of West Yorkshire. Her short stories often explore the liminal spaces of our relationship with the natural world, and her writing is inspired by the landscape of the moors, the rivers, and the sea. Her readings have taken her from Scotland to Cornwall, and Vienna. As well as writing and tutoring Life Writing courses, she has found joy in singing with local acapella groups and choirs.


Alison Lock writes with delicacy about brutality, with the eye of truth turned equally on reality and fantasy. She glances and looks away, her retinal after-images caught on the page.

Cherry Potts, Arachne Press

Alison Lock’s stories work like a lightning flash that reveals just the tip of the iceberg you are. A truly accomplished writer whose sparkling prose leads you gently away from your comfort zones. What lies within Alison Lock’s fictional world is a route map to unexplored mindscapes.

Jose Varghese, Editor, Lakeview International Review

Alison’s stories of transformation sparkle with originality and are alive with sensual detail.

Michael Stewart, author of Ill Will

Alison Lock has a gift for making the ordinary extraordinary and the mundane remarkable. Her prose is exquisite, and as well-crafted and lyrical as ever.

Teika Bellamy, Editor and Publisher


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