Family Likeness

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by Michael Curtis

In Family Likeness, Michael Curtis describes a vivid and at times unsettling world. There are moving and apt memorials to war dead and to family members, some only recently uncovered from a hidden past. Alongside a portrait of post-war life as a child in Liverpool and perfectly rendered scenes of Kentish life here and now, these poems span time with compassion and insight to make a substantial and impressive collection.

978-1-9164128-0-4. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 88pp. September 2018. Poetry. £10.00

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Michael Curtis grew up in Liverpool, attended Oxford and Sheffield universities, worked in library and cultural services and events management including international poetry tours, and now lives in Kent. He has given readings, workshops and residencies in England, Ireland, the Isle of Man and elsewhere in Europe. His work has been studied and translated at universities in Liege, Bucharest and Munich and broadcast on radio in England, Ireland, Latvia and Romania.

The much-admired The Fire in Me Now (Cultured Llama) was published in 2014, the moving pamphlet sequence Lullaby Days (Indigo Dreams) appeared in 2015, and the bi-lingual pamphlet True Compass? (Integral Press) in 2017.

Reviews of previous poetry collections by Michael Curtis:

I love the tone of elegiac acceptance and admire the work very much … quite stunning, remarkable by any standards.

Bernard O’Donoghue

An impressive collection of poems, skillfully and unobtrusively well-crafted. His rhythms are subtle and flexible. He’s not afraid of the big subjects either. The possibility, the fact, of death and hope transcend ordinary life.

Other Poetry

…rich with images of travel and people and the universal concerns … Subtlety, a keen eye and unobtrusive reflection illuminate and offer us a panoramic picture of people, time and landscape caught in the grip of existence.


…beguiling, relaxed and assured … a series of condensed observations and fictions, with a wide emotional repertoire and a sense that this collection has been honed with an admirable lack of sentiment and self-indulgence.

The Frogmore Papers

Something special … acute observations … illustrating that we all possess free will – or destiny lying in the power to choose our future by our own actions.


…tackling the themes of life, love and death … he finds new things to say in bold poems that confront and present challenging ideas. There is a deceptive simplicity that hides in the clear and precise images … He is a poet who has taken change and modern life … in ways that capture the idea of “quiet desperation” and makes it real and understandable.

The Poetry Kit

…fine and moving poems which often capture significant moments of subjective experience … capable of developing a metaphor throughout the length of a poem [so] that it accumulates meaning and emotional force in a truly compelling way


…high talent for metaphor … very lack of emotionalism evokes the enormity of the deed … bears comparison with anyone writing in -Britain today…

Mistress Quickly’s Bed

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