Hearth: Songlines from Home

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by Rose Cook

Robert Garnham: Rose Cook’s poetry is a secret dance, a graceful flight as her words lift from the page, light and tender and yet powerful enough to change the way we see the world. Her performances are spellbinding, intimate conversations, private transactions as if reaching right into the soul of the audience.

Matt Harvey: To listen to Rose Cook is to be taken into a room that you didn’t know existed. There is something to be savoured in every line.

Helena Nelson of HappenStance Press: She has a unique way with words, variously funny, sad, tender and true. Her writing delights ingeniously in itself and the world at large. The delight is infectious.

Sarah Ellis of the Royal Shakespeare Company: Rose Cook is a poet whose words fly off the page with great elegance and beauty. These poems are full of love and loss captured with a lightness of touch that makes them a joy to read. 

Colin Brown of Poetry Can: Rose Cook evokes strong moods in the reader and inspires many imaginative flights. Hers is a poetry of love and in particular of longing, experienced through different times and in different situations.

Michael Laskey: Rose Cook’s hard-won poems do justice to the complexities of ordinary human experience in admirably precise and natural language.          

Miriam Darlington:  I really enjoy her poems, they give an intense experience. Like standing under a radiant tree, face up, eyes closed, and feeling the leaves drop down on you one by one. I felt echoes of Rumi and Mary Oliver; a Mary Oliver for the South Hams instead of New England.

Chris Brooks: Rose Cook’s poetry conveys a real sense of sincerity and serenity and has a magnificently life-affirming quality.

Anthony Wilson In their transparency and deceptive simplicity Rose Cook’s poems reveal pure and hidden depths in nature, memory and loss, celebrating and questioning the fragility of everyday interactions.

Denise McSheehy: Rose Cook’s poems are often poignant, reflecting the many variables of ordinary lives, but always with a lightness of touch, an acceptance of what it is to be human.  Fluid and sincere, the poems are wide ranging, sometimes painterly, sometimes with a wonderful down-to-earth diction and a singular inwardness that delights.   

Judy Darley: Rose has a defter hand than most, or should that be a keener eye? She sees the world with uncommon clarity, noticing the things, small and large, we might easily overlook, and helps the reader view it afresh.

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