The Music of Business: Business Excellence Fused with Music

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by Peter Cook


9780993211911-front-cover-SMALLThe Music of Business offers a powerful dose of business intelligence mixed with the wisdom of pop and rock’s monarchy. In this new edition, fully refreshed and expanded, Peter deals with four vital business themes:
Strategy: What can you learn about business strategy from a study of musical geniuses? How can you learn about focus versus becoming an adaptive business from parallel examples in the music business? How can you make crowdfunding work for you?
Creativity: What can you learn about creativity and innovation from Brian Eno, freeform jazz and Deep Purple? How can we apply the concept of flow to business life? How do constraints help us create?
Innovation: What can we learn from Prince about innovation? What should we not learn from musicians about innovation? How can you become an intrapreneur? How do you build an innovation hothouse?
Leadership: Do leaders need followers more than fans? What can we learn from Meatloaf’s singer about coaching high performance people? What part does emotional intelligence play in the leader’s repertoire? What can we learn from Sir Richard Branson about leadership? And Nigel Kennedy? And so on …

For more than 20 years, Peter Cook has written, spoke and consulted about the parallels between the business universe and the world of music, be it rock, jazz, classical, etc. This follows his much longer involvement with three passions that have fuelled his career: Science, Business and Music. Peter leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, where he practises these ideas on companies all round the world, through Business and Organisation Development, Keynote Speaking, Masterclasses, Coaching and Mentoring.

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The Music of Business brings together world class thinking on business with parallel lessons from music, be it jazz, rock or classical. This book is a great tool for people in business
Harvey Goldsmith CBE – The man behind Live Aid

It was the first business book I have ever managed to finish, or indeed get beyond the first chapter
Larry Elliot, Economics Editor, The Guardian

The Music of Business, by Peter Cook … draws on the careers of rock artists – including the Beatles, the Stones, Prince, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Take That – to point out to businesses where they are going wrong. Cook – who once worked in the pharma sector and now divides his time between music and teaching about management – provides a new slant on the ‘how to succeed in business’ book; a compilation of blogs that details how rock music can provide the inspiration for the four building blocs of thriving companies: strategy, creativity, innovation and leadership.

The book contrasts the unwillingness or inability of some firms to move with the times – think Kodak with digital film or M&S and credit cards – with the way rock artists such as David Bowie have constantly reinvented themselves. It cites the example of Lady Gaga to show how what looks new – mock death on stage in a pool of blood – actually draws its inspiration from past generations: Alice Cooper’s electric chair executions and Madonna’s simulated sex scenes. Some acts succeed by sticking to what they do best – the Stones, AC/DC – others innovate carefully to ensure they don’t scare off their audiences.

From ‘Rock giants offer a sound model for business, says man from the Bank’, by Larry Elliot, The Guardian



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