Confluence – captivated by Louise Tondeur’s stories; Michael Curtis at the height of his powers

January 9th, 2019 § 0 comments

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Confluence reviews are anonymous, so we are unable to namecheck the reviewers who give glowing accounts of Unusual Places, by Louise Tondeur, and Family Likeness, by Michael Curtis. The reviewer of Louise Tondeur’s stories writes:

‘Fragments Found in a Tunnel’ is one of the pieces of flash fiction that separates part one and part two of short stories. Immediately, you’re transported into the tunnel, and you’re stuck there with no escape. This is a terrifying piece that will make even the bravest of us hope desperately for a way out […] This is a fantastic collection of short stories and flash fiction. Tondeur is fantastic at captivating the reader and transporting them to new and unusual places.

​Read the full review here

Order Louise Tondeur’s collection for £12 plus p&p for the paperback, or £5.99 for the ebook (free postage and packing if you order two or more items from this website): Unusual Places


The reviewer of Michael Curtis’s poetry collection, Family Likeness , writes:

…Curtis, a writer who is in my opinion at the height of his powers, knows how to step back with the right amount of detachment and view the archive, knowing when to state his feelings and when to report what he and his immediate ancestors have experienced as he shows in the poem: ‘Nellie’: “Me? Well, I had to stay lyrical, tied to the pull of rhyming memory / with what can’t be seen / crooning to the you I /  never knew down / these accidental years / from an upstairs room”. […] This is history told in the best way, as someone once said of Eduardo Galeano: History told upwards from the bottom, from the street.

Order Michael Curtis’s poetry collection for £10 plus p&p (free postage and packing if you order two or more items from this website): Family Likeness 


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