Gordon Meade’s poetry looks death in the eye

April 26th, 2018 § 0 comments

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The Year of the Crab, poetry by Gordon Meade, is reviewed in Northwords Now, alongside a collection by Graham Fulton.

Gordon Meade’s collection also tackles the taboo, but more through another uncomfortable word, describing feelings and events in a year following his diagnosis with cancer. Some poems look at aspects of the coastal scene in Fife – a dead seal washed up on rocks, a pair of woodpeckers across the park. But these take their resonance, in part, from the context of illness: the seal, for example, may be headless […]

Most are more direct meditations on his state of mind at different times through treatment, including his frustrations, fears and delight in small pleasures, such as biting into a fresh apricot […]

By looking death in the eye and not blinking, the work of both these poets enriches life.

You can read the current issue, including the review, at Northwords Now

Buy Gordon Meade’s collection for £10 plus p&p:The Year of the Crab

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