Hearth by Rose Cook – very good company

April 4th, 2018 § 0 comments

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Hearth by Rose Cook continues to receive praise in reviews that appear in London Grip and The Frogmore Papers. Peter Ulraig Kennedy, in London Grip, says:

Hearth is a welcoming and cleverly chosen title. Closely aligned with ‘heart’, a hearth provides warmth and light. The hearth is a symbol of love and of life. And indeed Rose Cook’s collection of life-affirming poems lives up to this symbolism. […]

The poems are full of sensitivity and emotion, not to forget several outbursts of sheer humour and gaiety, as in the delightfully titled “A Situation Arising from a Complete Inability to Master Any Language but her Own”. And I am not going to give the game away on that one; you’ll have to read it for your-self.

‘Hearth’ has been portrayed by Rebecca Gethin as a “treasure trove of poems” and it would be hard to improve on that description. Recommended.

Clare Best, in The Frogmore Papers, describes the book as ‘very good company’:

Rose Cook’s fourth collection is full of vitality and generosity. The poems treat love, loss, death and ageing, home and hearth, hares and other creatures, and the poet-speaker moves easily between lyric, elegiac and narrative modes, ‘habitually holding things up to the light’ (‘What Remains’) to examine and record them in a language which is both translucent and graceful.

Order a copy of Rose Cook’s latest collection for £10 plus p&p here: Hearth

Add in a copy of Rose Cook’s Notes From a Bright Field and p&p is free.

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