If you like Black Mirror, you’ll like Dip Flash, by Jonathan Pinnock

June 20th, 2018 § 0 comments

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Jonathan Pinnock’s is a ‘weird and wonderful world’, according to Maryom, who reviews Dip Flash for Our Book Reviews Online:

It’s a world where ventriloquist’s dummies come to life, your wife might run off with a porpoise, or morph into a cat, and if your granny’s becoming too expensive to keep, there’s a way to release her equity. But you’d better hold on tight to your memories – if they start to disappear, then so will so much more…

Jonathan Pinnock’s latest collection of stories is like a montage of strange dreams you might have after too much cheese (there’s a story about that as well!). From short, hilarious anecdotes to longer tales that will twist your mind, they’re stories to amuse, intrigue and occasionally terrify you (‘Teamwork’ was horrifically claustrophobic for me).

I’ve puzzled over how to categorise this collection, and to be honest given up. Reading them is like seeing the world reflected in the fairground Hall of Mirrors – recognisable but a little warped. Sci-fi or fantasy might apply as a label for some, but by no means all. My favourites – Adagio Assai, and The Picture of Mrs Tandogan – aren’t that at all, but stories of people like you and me, striving for something perfect in life, or stumbling through it without paying the slightest bit of attention. All in all, an interesting set of stories, thought-provoking, funny, and/or scary; good, I’d suggest for watchers of ‘Black Mirror’.

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