London Calling, funny, touching and very human, plus the engaging oddness of Louise Tondeur’s characters

January 10th, 2019 § 0 comments

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Peter Kenny writes about two Cultured Llama story collections on his blog, Peter Kenny: a writer’s notebook:

In Jeremy Page’s London Calling and Other Stories. I particularly enjoyed the novella-length title story London Calling. Its protagonist, a University drop-out called Eustace Tutt, is brilliantly drawn, and was for me like meeting someone from my own past.    Sadly, my past did not feature sharing a squat with two German girls with a propensity for nudity.  Jeremy’s stories are funny, touching and very human. I devoured the collection.


Unusual Places  by Louise Tondeur‘s style is fascinating, she has an alien’s eye for detail, and observations are made without the expected filters and hierarchies of importance. Louise is writing a crime novel at the moment, and I can’t help thinking the engaging oddness of her characters and description would make her foray into crime something to be greatly anticipated.

Each collection costs £12 plus p&p, with postage and packing free if you buy two or more items from this website. Unusual Places is also available as an ebook. Order at: London Calling and Unusual Places.


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