Praise for Short of Breath and As Long as it Takes

May 11th, 2015 § 0 comments

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Short of Breath Front Cover 031114Short of Breath by Vivien Jones is book of the month at the Poetry Kit. Here is what Jim Bennett has to say:

This collection of poems call on skills of observation and understanding that Vivien Jones has in abundance. The images are sharp the insights and juxtapositions outstanding and memorable. This is a collection of poems that once read will be returned to time and again.  The poems collected into short sequences and presented in sections, Layperson’s Science and Wood and the Making Process, are two of them, the others are to do with places, music and the changing world.  I am very pleased to recommend this collection. .

Outstanding poems for me – Short of Breath, Eating with Vickie and Peter, No Snow

Go to the book’s page to find out more, and order a copy for £8 plus p&p: Short of Breath

We don’t encourage people to buy our books from A**z*n, but sometimes a lovely review turns up on that very site, which helps to get our books noticed. As Long as it Takes by Maria C McCarthy received the praise of  ‘Book-Smith’, and here is some of their review:

The best test of any book for me is when it leaves you wanting more. You’re not done with the stories, you have unanswered questions about the characters. It’s not that you want the unsaid to be said, rather than that you want your imagination to be further tantalised by their lives. To keep guessing – and to be kept guessing – about what might happen to them, and which of those loose ends of the past might end up tying together.
As Long as It Takes passes this test easily for me. As each story carefully unfolds, you find yourself transported into it, almost until you feel as close enough to reach out and touch the characters. It takes a real skill to write a book of related stories that are all also complete in themselves. Each of the fourteen here is beautifully paced, each voice (whether in the first person or third – both are used, to great effect) is as strong as the next […] The pacing of the final story, ‘Combing out the Tangles’, brings you slowly to its poignant close without sentiment. But the closing of this book will leave you with a real sense of loss.

Go to the book’s page to order a copy for £10 plus p&p: As Long as it Takes

Buy any two or more books and postage and packaging is free.

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