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Please note:

We are no longer accepting submissions of any kind.

Any enquiries about submissions will not receive a response.

This page now exists only as a historical document. We are, however, continuing to sell and promote our books, and to support our existing authors in doing so.

Please browse this site and consider buying a book or two.

Thank you

Maria C. McCarthy and Bob Carling

May 2019


• We publish collections and anthologies of poetry and short fiction, and works of cultural non-fiction (see curious things), such as Do it Yourself: A History of Music in Medway by Stephen Morris.

• Authors must have completed, or near-completed, their prospective book before approaching us.

• Some of your writing should already have been published, for example, in good quality magazines/journals or on websites, so we expect you to provide details of these.

• Your book proposal should comprise: twelve poems, or three short stories, or sample chapters.

• In no more than one page, please provide:

•   your full contact details: name, address, phone numbers, email address and any relevant website and social media links

•   the title of the book

•   the approximate length of the book

•   what your book is about

•   who the potential readership is

•   why we should publish your book

•   your profile as a writer: e.g.

–   publication history

–   details of your success in competitions

–   how you play an active part in the contemporary literary or arts scene

–   how you seek an active readership

–   how you intend to promote your book

–   brief endorsements from two published poets, writers or journalists.

• Send your proposal in a single document, as an attachment, with your name in the document title. Please include your contact details in the body of the document. We shall only read proposals presented in this format.

• Cultured Llama Publishing does not accept unsolicited manuscripts and we will not return any manuscripts sent to us prospectively.

• We expect our authors to work hard at promoting their books by purchasing copies to sell them at readings, events, via their personal networks and websites. We anticipate that authors will purchase at least 30 copies of their book to sell in this way in the first 6 months following publication. These copies can be bought at authors’ discount, and will be in addition to the free author copies that we supply.

• Authors should be aware that although we actively support those who tour, read and perform their work, we do not normally organise tours and cannot guarantee to attend launches or readings.

• Please consider buying one of our publications so that you are aware of the kind of work we publish.

If you have something that you think we would be interested in publishing, please  contact us with a brief message in the first instance. We will then send you details of where to submit your proposal.

Please note: We are no longer accepting submissions of any kind. Any enquiries about submissions will not receive a response.

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