Forthcoming titles from Bethany Pope and Philip Kane

April 10th, 2012 § 0 comments

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Forthcoming titles from Cultured Llama are A Radiance by Bethany Pope and Unauthorised Person by Philip Kane.

Cultured Llama is delighted to publish Bethany Pope’s first poetry collection A Radiance. This is moving narrative poetry from an award-winning young writer, based on the extraordinary story of Pope’s grandparents, Dan and Ruth. The poet retells family stories, often standing witness to scenes from long before her birth. The family past informs the poet’s history and present. Prepare to be drawn into this world of tarpaper shacks and uranium buried in the backyard.

Unauthorised Person is a collection of poetry, drawings and photographs from a writer who has been prominent on the Medway scene for many years. The Medway river and area are the focus of this collection from Philip Kane whose interest in psycho-geography is evident in this work. A diverse and engaging collection enhanced by Kane’s illustrations, with other drawings by Wynford Vaughn Thomas.

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