The Short Story explores internet dating and Flamingos in Thanet

June 14th, 2017 § 0 comments

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An interview with Anna Maconochie appears on The Short Story, exploring Anna’s debut collection, Only the Visible Can Vanish. Charlie Parry asks Anna about the recurring themes of internet dating and the digitised world:

I’m not much of a tech person but I thought there’d be more writers out there writing about the NOW. When else in history have we been able to google our lover and find out she’s married, as Jeremy does? There’s this assumption that anyone who writes about internet dating will be writing their car-crash stories but the reality is far more complex, rich and sometimes banal. In Future Digital I wanted to get across how fifty-fifty Tara felt about Pete after their internet date. An agent told me that writer’s fear their work will sound dated eventually if they mention technology but nothing will stand in the way of a timeless story. And I think Google is going to be around for a while, so you may as well mention it if you want to!

Read the full interview here.

Buy Anna Maconochie’s debut story collection for £12 plus p&p here: Only the Visible Can Vanish 

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The Short Story has also reviewed In Margate by Lunchtime by Maggie Harris.

Maggie Harris

‘The Year The Flamingos Came’ is one of a number of stories telling very personal stories about the struggles of everyday life. Harris has a keen eye for people’s struggles, especially those of women, and manages to create a series of memorable characters.

This is definitely a book worth checking out, for the sheer beauty of the writing and the engaging and lively sense of narrative around Harris’s favourite corner of the country.

Read the full review here, and an interview with Maggie Harris here.

Buy Maggie Harris’s short story collection for £12 plus p&p here:In Margate by Lunchtime

Postage and packing is free if you order two or more books from Cultured Llama.

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