Unusual Places in unusual places. Stories by Louise Tondeur

September 20th, 2018 § 0 comments

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To mark the publication of Unusual Places, Louise Tondeur has been returning to each of the places where the stories began, and leaving a book for a stranger to find. Louise writes:

I wrote these stories on location in various places, mainly in London, including Greenwich Park, the Tate Gallery, outside the Roman Amphitheatre and in a café near the smallest house in London. I ended up with a set of intriguing characters – such as woman conceived in a marmalade factory, a girl who finds true love (and a bed for the night) over a card game called Scrummage, and a professional picnicker who finds love because of a blue plastic bag.

Follow Louise on Twitter to discover where books were left and who found them @LouiseTondeur

There are now TWO ways to read Unusual Places: in paperback or ebook. Both formats can be purchased direct from Cultured Llama or the usual suppliers.

Grandma’s stories, ‘…would always start in the place where we were,’ and so it is with Unusual Places. Human remains are concealed in the Greenwich Tunnel in a world where London is a prison; a market is the setting for sexual and sensual awakenings; a professional picnicker finds love. Louise Tondeur’s stories skip along, rich with detail and musical prose, only to trip us up with turns and surprises: the unusual lurks in the most ordinary of places.

Paperback, £12 plus p&p: Unusual Places. Ebook, £5.99 


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