A Radiance at 50% off; Sounds of the Real World review

May 19th, 2014 § 0 comments

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As part of our authors’ birthday discount scheme, we are offering 50% off A Radiance poetry by Bethany W Pope until the end of June 2014. Click on A Radiance to go to the book’s page and order it for only £4 (plus p&p) until the end of June.

First of all, click ‘add to cart’ on the book’s page, then ‘proceed to cart’. Adjust the number of copies required. Then type CLJUNE14 in the box to the left of ‘Apply Coupon’, – then click ‘Apply Coupon’ AND ‘Update cart’. Then proceed to checkout.
 You will also get free post and packing on two or more books.

A Radiance by Bethany W PopeThis offer is exclusive to books ordered from the Cultured Llama website. You will not get these prices anywhere else.

The code CLJUNE14 expires on 30 June 2014.

The price reverts to £8 from 1 July 2014.

Family stories and extraordinary images glow throughout this compelling debut collection from an award-winning author – like the disc of uranium buried in her grandfather’s backyard. A Radiance ‘gives glimpses into a world both contemporary and deeply attuned to history – the embattled history of a family, but also of the American South where the author grew up.’

Sounds of the Real World poetry by Gordon Meade is reviewed by Fiona Sinclair on London Grip:

This is a collection that places the entire natural world, including man, on an equal footing. Meade’s style is that of a gentle raconteur. The tone is deceptively casual mixing an everyday lexis with humour and whimsy. Consequently an intimacy is achieved as if he is passing the time of day with the reader.

Man tends to be the less appealing species when compared to the rest of his co-inhabitants in the natural world. We encounter many of our more ambivalent qualities including; alcohol abuse, attempted suicide and looting. The poem on the subject of the London riots is wittily entitled ‘Supermarket Sweep’. Here Meade subtly criticises not only the greed of the original television show but the greater avarice of those in the riots who steal as much loot as you can carry past the occasional burnt-out home.  The persona’s disgust at this baser side of humanity is revealed in the bitter lines you are allowed to use any means you think necessary to get want you want.  Many such commentaries on modern life are simply expressed but deal with some deeply philosophical ideas. One of the finest poems in this vein explores the lure of Facebook in our culture, where it seems that unless you have shared something with the rest of the world/then nothing actually happened.

Read the full review on London Grip.

Click on Sounds of the Real World to go to the book’s page and order for £8 plus p&p (free p&p if you order two or more of our books).

Gordon Meade is reading at a number of events this summer. Go to the Events page to find out more.

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