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The Hospital

by Ben Barton

In The Hospital, Ben Barton offers slow observations of hospital life. In amongst the daily humiliations and the public spectacle of the sick and the dying, there are sparks of hope: a nip of whisky from another patient’s hip flask, the cries of a newborn from down the corridor, and one last meal, jab, swab before leaving.

978-1-9164128-2-8. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 64pp. October 2018. Poetry. £10.00

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London Calling and Other Stories

by Jeremy Page

At the heart of Jeremy Page’s collection of long, short and flash fiction is the eponymous novella, London Calling, a comic tour-de-force set in a 1980s squat. Other stories feature a woman who remains in bed due to ennui, murder in a crime bookshop, and all the small resentments of a marriage condensed into two paragraphs. These are stories for our strange, unsettling times.

978-1-9164128-1-1. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 152pp. September 2018. Short Stories. £12.00

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Family Likeness

by Michael Curtis

In Family Likeness, Michael Curtis describes a vivid and at times unsettling world. There are moving and apt memorials to war dead and to family members, some only recently uncovered from a hidden past. Alongside a portrait of post-war life as a child in Liverpool and perfectly rendered scenes of Kentish life here and now, these poems span time with compassion and insight to make a substantial and impressive collection.

978-1-9164128-0-4. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 88pp. September 2018. Poetry. £10.00

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Unusual Places

by Louise Tondeur

Grandma’s stories, ‘…would always start in the place where we were,’ and so it is with Unusual Places. Human remains are concealed in the Greenwich Tunnel in a world where London is a prison; a market is the setting for sexual and sensual awakenings; a professional picnicker finds love. Louise Tondeur’s stories skip along, rich with detail and musical prose, only to trip us up with turns and surprises: the unusual lurks in the most ordinary of places.

978-0-9957381-9-5. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 174pp. August 2018. Short Stories. £12.00

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The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art

by Derek Sellen

Foreword by Prof. Janet Montefiore

Inspired by Spanish artists from the 15th century to the 21st, The Other Guernica invites us into worlds of violence and love, war and domesticity, in a collection that is both a coherent homage to the painting of Spain, and a daring exploration of what might emerge when word meets image. Read with or without the images that inspired them, Derek Sellen’s poems are equally powerful.
978-0-9957381-2-6. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 98pp. July 2018. Poetry. £10.00

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by Jessica Mookherjee

In these poems, Jessica Mookherjee inhabits several identities in her ‘bone-framed coat’. With overarching themes of migration, otherness, sexual awakening, maternal mental illness, the impact of catastrophe, of loss and being lost, Flood is a debut collection from a genuine virtuoso with a powerful original voice.

978-0-9957381-1-9. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 94pp. April 2018. Poetry. £10.00

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Dip Flash

by Jonathan Pinnock

In Dip Flash we are taken to worlds where houses disappear, a wife runs off with a porpoise, and on to Heaven, where only French is spoken. From a bull in a china shop to a scheme for releasing the equity in grannies, these stories are dark and raw, grotesque and fantastic. They are also laugh-out-loud funny.

978-0-9957381-7-1. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 154pp. April 2018. Short Stories. £12.00

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Solid Mental Grace: Listening to the Music of Yes

by Simon Barrow

How has the progressive rock band Yes survived 50 years of intense devotion and strong criticism? This book reconsiders the band’s musical creativity, variety and value, and highlights an artistic imagination in Yes’s finest moments that defies ready-made labels. It illustrates the capacity of honest musical appreciation to remake us, rather than simply to confirm our prejudices.

978-0-9957381-8-8. 232pp. March 2018. PB. £12.00. Non-fiction.

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A Witness of Waxwings

by Alison Lock

A Witness of Waxwings invites us into worlds of shifting time and identities, where brutal reality is often witnessed through a liminal lens. Within these stories are shifts of light, perception, slips into other realms, where people are inhabited by birds, selkies and sprites. There are ghosts in the ocean, faces in the wake. Alison Lock’s fictional world is a route map to unexplored mindscapes.

978-0-9957381-5-7. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 128pp. December 2017. Short Stories. £12.00

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The Year of the Crab

by Gordon Meade

There is nothing fancy in The Year of the Crab; there is nothing fancy about cancer. The power of the poems lies in the simplicity of the language, and the bald yet beautiful and touching observations made by Gordon Meade during the year following his diagnosis: the joy of eating a fresh apricot; the indignities of treatment; meditations on life and death; watching the clear-up after a strong wind that, like the cancer, no one has seen coming.

978-0-9957381-3-3. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 88pp. October 2017. Poetry. £10.00

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by Rose Cook

Rose Cook writes of climbing and falling, age and loss, fear and loneliness, but most of all of life and survival … these are poems for the soul, the heart and the hearth.

978-0-9957381-4-0. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 120pp. September 2017. Poetry. £10.00

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There are Boats on the Orchard

poems by Maria C. McCarthy, images by Sara Fletcher

There are Boats on the Orchard chronicles seven years of living alongside the disappearing orchards of Kent.

PB. 210x115mm. 36pp. Published exclusively by Cultured Llama and only available herePoetry. July 2017. £7.00. 

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In the Wild Wood

by Frances Gapper

To walk In the Wild Wood is to enter worlds where the mundane is made magical. This collection showcases Frances Gapper as a storyteller working at the peak of her craft.

978-0-9957381-6-4. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 212pp. June 2017. Short Stories. £12.00

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After Hours

by David Cooke

A poetry collection from the author of A Murmuration and Work Horses.

978-0-9957381-0-2. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 92pp. April 2017. Poetry. £10.00

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A Short History of Synchronised Breathing and other stories
by Vanessa Gebbie

New and collected stories from the award-winning author of The Coward’s Tale, Storm Warning, and Words from a Glass Bubble. 

978-0-9568921-2-6. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 160pp. February 2017. Short Stories. £12.00.

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Nigel_Jarret-9780956892119-Perfect.inddWho Killed Emil Kreisler?
by Nigel Jarrett

Postcards from a dead woman; a tale told in letters, centred on a strange musical instrument; the journey of Bismarck’s helmet … In Who Killed Emil Kreisler? Nigel Jarrett takes the reader through centuries and across continents to places well beyond their comfort zone.

978-0-9568921-1-9. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 208pp. November 2016. Short Stories. £12.00.

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9780993211997-Perfect BC EDIT 060916 Only The Visible v1 CS5.5 VOnly the Visible Can Vanish
by Anna Maconochie

Love, sex and dating, the daily grind of work in Future Digital, being the other woman, the other man, Beauty and the Beast retold, rabbits, rats and foxes… In Only the Visible Can Vanish, Anna Maconochie brings tales of transformation and hidden identity, revealing the superficiality and depths of life in the internet age.

978-0-9932119-9-7. Paperback. 158pp. 203×127mm. £12.00. September 2016. Short Stories.

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9780993211980-front-cover-low-resThere Are No Foreign Lands
by Mark Holihan

Like the glass-fronted cabinet in Mark Holihan’s Kent home, There Are No Foreign Lands contains beautifully-rendered fragments from the life of a migrant: “pieces of memories from a place where your face and voice aren’t foreign”. These are poignant poems of travel, displacement, personal and political realisations.

978-0-9932119-8-0. Paperback. 92pp. 203×127mm. £10.00. May 2016. Poetry.

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9780993211973-Perfect4-FRONT COVERThe Light Box
by Rosie Jackson

The Light Box places the personal alongside classic myths, the imagined lives, and afterlives, of ordinary people, cultural icons, and those depicted in their art. Stanley Spencer, Margaret Thatcher, two men kissing in an airport arrivals hall; in Rosie Jackson’s hands, ‘the ordinary becomes unfamiliar and scarred with legend’.

978-0-9932119-7-3. Paperback. 108pp. 203×127mm. £10.00. March 2016. Poetry.

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Memorandum-9780993211942-Perfect-REDESIGN-FRONT-COVER-smallMemorandum: Poems for the Fallen
by Vanessa Gebbie

Memorandum is a haunting collection of poems that summons voices from the shadows of the First World War. Vanessa Gebbie transforms prosaic records of ordinary soldiers, and the physical landscape of battles, war graves and memorials, into poignant reflections on the small and greater losses to families and the world.

978-0-9932119-4-2. Paperback. 86pp. 203×127mm. £10.00. February 2016. Poetry.

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9780992648596-CoverLes Animots: A Human Bestiary
by Gordon Meade, images by Douglas Robertson

A stunning collaboration of poetry and images about animals and their not-so-distant relationship with man.

978-0-9926485-9-6. HB. 203×127mm. 164pp. Poetry and images. November 2015. £13.00

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Everard Front CoverThe Ecology of Everyday Things
by Mark Everard

N.B. This book is no longer published by Cultured Llama. A new edition is available from Taylor and Francis

Considers a diversity of ‘everyday things’, including fascinating facts about their ecological origins – from the tea we drink, to things we wear, read and enjoy, to the ecology of communities and space flight, and the important roles played by ‘unappealing creatures’ such as slugs and wasps.

9780993211935-Cover190915 ALT1.inddThe Hungry Writer
by Lynne Rees

The Hungry Writer is a simmered reduction of five years of ‘the hungry writer’ blog by award-winning writer and lyrical lover of food, Lynne Rees.

978-0-9932119-3-5. PB. 244×170mm. 246pp. Colour photos. Non-fiction. September 2015. £15.00

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Zygote PoemsRichard-Thomas-Zygot-for-web
by Richard Thomas

Traces a father’s journey from ‘Do you want this baby in HTML / or plain text?’ through to his beloved daughter’s first year. A unique and brave unfolding of young fatherhood.

978-0-9932119-5-9. Cultured Llama. PB. 62pp. 178×127mm. Poetry. July 2015. £7.00

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John Brewster 9780992648589-Perfect(FINAL).inddAutomatic Writing
by John Brewster

In Automatic Writing, John Brewster, moves from ‘Ixey-pixey’ wordplay to tender elegy; from Scots to English; from celebrations of life to intimations of a longing for death. These poems are precise – Brewster is a master of the ‘architectured word’ – yet there is a sense of something bigger and unwritten beyond the words on the page. This is poetry that speaks to the soul, the heart, the mind, the eye, the ear.

978-0-9926485-8-9. Cultured Llama. PB. 92pp. Poetry. July 2015. £10.00

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The Lost of SyrosFront Cover The Lost of Syros 9780993211928 Hi-Res
by Emma Timpany

In The Lost of Syros, a debut collection of stories by Emma Timpany, revelations come unexpectedly: in a shower of gold on a snow-covered volcano in Antarctica; at a graffiti-scarred Aboriginal sacred site; in a mouthful of cake. Precise and delicately written, these stories are little windows into life.

978-0-9926485-2-8. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 128pp. July 2015. Short Fiction. £12.00

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book cover2Do It Yourself: A History
of Music in Medway

by Stephen H. Morris

The definitive and indispensable guide to Medway music. Mixes oral history with profiles of the best singles, EPs and albums to come out of the Medway Towns since the mid-1970s.

978-0-9926485-2-7. Cultured Llama. PB. 504pp. 229×152pp. March 2015. Non-fiction. £18.00

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Front Cover040315Cold Light of Morning
by Julian Colton

Nature provides ‘a limitless job creation scheme for poets’, and Julian Colton proves more than equal to the task in Cold Light of Morning. Flashes of a personal and a wider historical past illuminate the poet’s present, but this is no sentimental journey: ‘there is no going home or going forward’.

Paperback. 90pp. 203×127mm. 978-0-9926485-7-2. Poetry. March 2015. Cultured Llama. £10.00

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9780992648534-front coverIn  Margate by Lunchtime
by Maggie Harris

Brings more stories from Maggie Harris’s adopted home of Kent. Set in the seaside towns of Thanet, the exotic creatures that inhabit these tales – flamingos, parakeets, a mermaid on a Vespa – are like the human migrants, sometimes shining, more often trying to find their place in an unwelcoming environment.

978-0-9926485-3-4. Cultured Llama. PB. xvi+188=204pp. 203×127mm. Feb 2015. Short Stories. £12.00

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Punk Rock People Management FRONT COVERPunk Rock People Management: A No-Nonsense Guide to Hiring, Inspiring and Firing Staff
by Peter Cook

Strips down HR to the bare essentials for busy people and those who are sick of HR jargon getting in the way of running a business.

978-0-9932119-0-4. Cultured Llama. PB. 37pp. 210×148mm. Feb 2015. Non-fiction. £10.00

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9780993211911-front-cover-SMALLThe Music of Business:
Business Excellence Fused with
by Peter Cook

The Music of Business offers a powerful dose of business intelligence mixed with the wisdom of pop and rock’s monarchy.

978-0-9932119-1-1. Cultured Llama. PB. 318pp. 210×148mm. May 2015. Non-fiction. £15.00

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Short of Breath Front Cover 031114Short of Breath
by Vivien Jones

In Short of Breath, Vivien Jones finds music in the luter’s detritus, the lament of the planet Pluto, the chatter of two fat ladies in a hair salon, graffiti in a rural bus shelter, the craftsmen’s saw rip-cutting, cross-cutting, the sigh of scissors, the creaking oak wood, the rhythm of the breathing of an asthmatic child. These beautifully observed poems are full of insight into the joy and sadness of being human.

Paperback. 98pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9926485-5-8. November 2014. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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Front cover Michael CurtisThe Fire in Me Now
by Michael Curtis

The Fire in Me Now tackles human imperfections head on and with great energy. In these forthright, at times angry, and always eloquent poems, Michael Curtis takes us from managed rage through moving reflections on mortality and wry observations on the complications of love to a hard-won, uncompromising state of acceptance.In a world of continuing conflict, rampant technology and challenged values The Fire in Me Now is a powerful, telling collection, which responds with articulate urgency to our current condition.

Paperback. 98pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9926485-4-1. September 2014. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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Digging Up Paradise: Potatoes, People and Poetry in the Garden of England
by Sarah Salway

In Digging up Paradise, Sarah Salway takes us on a tour of the Garden of England, from mermaids’ palaces in Margate Shell Grotto to garden pianos at Finchcocks. By way of journal entries, letters, poems and photographs, Salway charts the gardens’ physical selves, the sensations they conjure, the memories they stir up and glimpses of history. A reminder that sometimes all we need is to relearn how to look at a garden.

Paperback. 160pp. 203×203 mm. 978-0-9926485-6-5. June 2014. Cultured Llama. Poetry & Non-fiction. £15.00

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9780992648510-Perfect-MH cropped FRONT COVER

As Long as it Takes
by Maria C. McCarthy

As Long as it Takes gives voice to the lost generation of Irish women who sailed to England to look for work in the middle of the twentieth century. Maura Flaherty and her daughters struggle with identity, belonging, love, sexuality and grief – and dilemmas such as whether to like punk or Elvis.

With no concessions to nostalgia or sentimentality, this deeply moving and beautifully written book, by a second-generation Irish writer, tells the interwoven stories of an immigrant family. Maria C. McCarthy skilfully weaves the historical and cultural significance of Anglo-Irish relations into a half-century of family life.

Paperback. 166pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9926485-1-0. February 2014. Cultured Llama. Short Stories. £12.00

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Gordon-Meade-9780992648503-Front-coverSounds of the Real World
by Gordon Meade

Sounds of the Real World is partly a bestiary, where man and creature are “separated by nothing but a pane of glass”. The sea is “a simmer in a pan” throughout, charting the poet’s move from his native Scotland to inner city London. Gordon Meade is not just standing and staring at nature; these poems offer social commentary as well as candid reflections on relationships, memory and mortality.

Paperback. 104pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9926485-0-3. August 2013. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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Rose Cook Front CoverNotes From a Bright Field
by Rose Cook

Rose Cook’s Notes From a Bright Field is ‘a single quiet path, in and out’, capturing the transitory beauties of the everyday: a mother’s ashes imagined as ‘Lux flakes’; the ‘fruit-gummed glass’ of a cathedral. Where the poems’ themes are of nature, loss and the spiritual, these are grounded in concrete imagery like ‘the clack-clack of the shell and the bones’.

Paperback. 104pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9568921-9-5. July 2013. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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The Night My Sister Went to Hollywood
by Hilda Sheehan

In The Night My Sister Went To Hollywood Hilda Sheehan offers poems on love, exhaustion, classic movies, supermarket shopping and seals in the bathtub. Her poems ‘bristle with the stuff of life’. Her language is ‘vigorous and seductively surreal’. ‘What kind of a mother writes poems / anyway, and why?’ she asks. A mother of five, Hilda Sheehan is that kind of mother Read this debut poetry collection now: ‘time is running out … Asda will shut soon’.

Paperback. 82pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9568921-8-8. March 2013. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning
by Maggie Harris

Maggie Harris brings warmth and humour to her Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning, and tops them with a twist of calypso.

Here are pilgrims old and new: Eliot living in ‘This Mother Country’ for half a century; Samantha learning that country life is not like in the magazines.

There are stories of regret, longing and wanting to belong; a sense of place and displacement resonates throughout.

Paperback. 138pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9568921-6-4. September 2012. Cultured Llama. Short Stories. £12.00

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The Strangest Thankyou
by Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas’s debut poetry collection embraces the magical and the mundane, the exotic and the everyday, the surreal rooted in reality. Grand poetic themes of love, death and great lives are cut with surprising twists and playful use of language, shape, form and imagery. The poet seeks ‘an array of wonder’ in “Dig” and spreads his ‘riches’ throughout The Strangest ­Thankyou.

Paperback. 96pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9568921-5-7. November 2012. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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A Radiance
by Bethany W. Pope

Cultured Llama is delighted to publish Bethany Pope’s first poetry collection A Radiance. This is moving narrative poetry from an award-winning young writer, based on the extraordinary story of Pope’s grandparents, Dan and Ruth. The poet retells family stories, often standing witness to scenes from long before her birth. The family past informs the poet’s history and present. Prepare to be drawn into this world of tarpaper shacks and uranium buried in the backyard.

Paperback. 70pp. 203×127mm. 978-0-9568921-3-3. June 2012. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00

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strange fruits
by Maria C McCarthy

Maria is a poet of remarkable skill, whose work offers surprising glimpses into our 21st-century lives – the ‘strange fruits’ of our civilisation or lack of it. Shot through with meditations on the past and her heritage as ‘an Irish girl, an English woman’, strange fruits includes poems reflecting on her urban life in a Medway town and as a rural resident in Swale.

Paperback. 72pp. 203×127 mm. 978-0-9568921-0-2. July 2011. Cultured Llama. Poetry. £10.00 (all profits to Macmillan Cancer Support)

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