Only the Visible Can Vanish

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by Anna Maconochie

9780993211997-Perfect BC EDIT 060916 Only The Visible v1 CS5.5 VLove, sex and dating, the daily grind of work in Future Digital, being the other woman, the other man, Beauty and the Beast retold, rabbits, rats and foxes… In Only the Visible Can Vanish, Anna Maconochie brings tales of transformation and hidden identity, revealing the superficiality and depths of life in the internet age.

Anna MaconochieAnna Maconochie was born in London, where she now lives and works. She has had stories published in the Erotic Review, the Dublin Review and the Bitter Oleander. This is her first short story collection.

978-0-9932119-9-7. Cultured Llama. PB. 203×127mm. 158pp. September 2016. Short stories. £12.00.

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Only the Visible Can Vanish is a looking-glass exploration of love, sex and dating: everything here is reflected, refracted, reversed. We are never far away from the fairytale. Anna Maconochie reveals herself to be a fresh and surprising new voice.

Betty Herbert, author of The 52 Seductions

If good writing through the ages either addresses, or puts across, or both, the unbearable fact of our aloneness, then Anna’s work is great. It’s also now, and very, very funny.

Kira Jolliffe, founder of Cheap Date magazine and
co-founder/editor of FANPAGES

Sharply observed, seductive, slightly eerie, these stories take us beyond the familiarity of contemporary city life to stranger places; sometimes only a room away, sometimes a quantum leap… Maconochie’s writing is also terrific fun.

Jamie Maclean, Editor, Erotic Review

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