The Fire in Me Now

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by Michael CurtisFront cover Michael Curtis

The Fire in Me Now tackles human imperfections head on and with great energy. In these forthright, at times angry, and always eloquent poems, Michael Curtis takes us from managed rage through moving reflections on mortality and wry observations on the complications of love to a hard-won, uncompromising state of acceptance.In a world of continuing conflict, rampant technology and challenged values The Fire in Me Now is a powerful, telling collection, which responds with articulate urgency to our current condition.

Paperback; 98pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-4-1; September 2014; Cultured Llama; £10.00

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Michael Curtis grew up in Liverpool, attended Oxford and Sheffield universities, worked in library and cultural services across England and now lives in Kent. He is widely published in magazines and anthologies and has given readings and workshops in England, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Latvia and Cyprus. The Fire in Me Now is his twelfth collection of poems.

Comments on previous collections 

I love the tone of elegiac acceptance and admire the work very much … quite stunning, remarkable by any standards.
Bernard O’Donoghue

 …skillfully and unobtrusively well-crafted. His rhythms are subtle and flexible. He’s not afraid of the big subjects either. The possibility, the fact, of death and hope transcend ordinary life.
Other Poetry

…rich with images of travel and people and the universal concerns that bond us all together as human beings. Subtlety, a keen eye and unobtrusive reflection illuminate and offer us a panoramic picture of people, time and landscape caught in the grip of existence.

Beguiling, relaxed and assured … honed with an admirable lack of sentiment and self-indulgence.  Crafted out of love and respect … by a poet who is well up to the challenge of conveying its complexity.
The Frogmore Papers

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