Unauthorised Person

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by Philip Kane

Philip Kane describes Unauthorised Person as a ‘concept album’ of individual poems, sequences, and visuals, threaded together by the central motif of the River Medway.

This collection draws together poems written and images collected over 27 years, exploring the psycho­geography of the people and urban landscapes of the Medway Towns, where ‘chatham high street is paradise enough’ (“­johnnie writes a quatrain”).

Paperback; 74pp; 203x127mm; 978-0-9568921-4-0; November 2012. THIS BOOK IS NOW OUT OF PRINT

Philip Kane is an award-winning writer, storyteller and artist.  He is a native of the Medway Towns and the area provides a setting for much of his work.

A founding member of the London Surrealist Group, over the past thirty years he has built up an international reputation, publishing and exhibiting in a number of countries including Spain and the USA.  He is currently Artistic Director for the Rochester Literature Festival.

This collection shows a poet whose work has grown in stature to become strong, honest and mature. Yet another voice has emerged from the Medway region that I’m sure will be heard beyond our borders. The pieces here vary in tone, often lyrical, sometimes prosaic but all show a deep rooted humanity and a political (with a small p) sensibility.

Bill Lewis

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