David Cooke in the Poetry Shed

June 15th, 2017 § 0 comments

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David Cooke features on (or should that be ‘in’?) Abegail Morley’s Poetry Shed, with two poems from his new collection, After Hours. Read ‘Le Nu Provençal’ and ‘Ornithology’ here.

After Hours is also The Poetry Kit‘s book of the month for June 2017, and has received a glowing review, by Emma Lee, on London Grip.

Emma Lee quotes from ‘Last Orders’, a poem about a 1970s home bar that belonged to David Cooke’s late father-in-law:

Embalmed in a gloopy coat of varnish
that set to a brittle sheen, it lacked retro chic,
scuffed down to the wood along its edges,
its surface crazed with memories.

In days when family came to stay
it placed him centre stage, measuring out
precisely his perfect Irish coffees
or each medicinal dose of whiskey.

And yet, for all its high stool bonhomie
we dumped it, an eyesore for the viewers –
then missed a convenient shelf, sorting mail
that even now in his posthumous life

makes him offers he can’t refuse.

Read the full review here. Buy the book, for £10 plus p&p here: After Hours

Postage and packing is free if you buy two or more books via this website.

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