Fiction4 summer reading discount on short fiction

June 27th, 2018 § 0 comments

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Four fabulous fiction collections are discounted this summer. Just apply the coupon Fiction4 at the checkout when you order one or more of these titles:

Who Killed Emil Kreisler, by Nigel Jarrett

Postcards from a dead woman; a tale told in letters, centred on a strange musical instrument; the journey of Bismarck’s helmet … In Who Killed Emil Kreisler? Nigel Jarrett takes the reader through centuries and across continents to places well beyond their comfort zone.

The Lost of Syros, by Emma Timpany

In The Lost of Syros, a debut collection of stories by Emma Timpany, revelations come unexpectedly: in a shower of gold on a snow-covered volcano in Antarctica; at a graffiti-scarred Aboriginal sacred site; in a mouthful of cake. Precise and delicately written, these stories are little windows into life.

A Witness of Waxwings, by Alison Lock

A Witness of Waxwings invites us into worlds of shifting time and identities, where brutal reality is often witnessed through a liminal lens. Within these stories are shifts of light, perception, slips into other realms, where people are inhabited by birds, selkies and sprites. There are ghosts in the ocean, faces in the wake. Alison Lock’s fictional world is a route map to unexplored mindscapes.

Only the Visible Can Vanish, by Anna Maconochie

Love, sex and dating, the daily grind of work in Future Digital, being the other woman, the other man, Beauty and the Beast retold, rabbits, rats and foxes… In Only the Visible Can Vanish, Anna Maconochie brings tales of transformation and hidden identity, revealing the superficiality and depths of life in the internet age.

Post and packing is free when you order two or more titles, so why not treat yourself this summer. The offer ends on 31 August 2018. Go to the links to start your order:

Who Killed Emil Kreisler 

The Lost of Syros

A Witness of Waxwings

Only the Visible Can Vanish

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