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In January and February 2019, the poems Match of the Day and Winter dance, by Maria C. McCarthy, were displayed as posters at:

Orchard: Art inspired by Rainham Community Orchard

Maria writes:

The day of the England–Columbia match, unwisely bare-legged, I walked amongst the nettles as the orchard volunteers strimmed and mowed. ‘Match of the Day’ highlights the offbeat connections between the World Cup match and the volunteers’ work. Sara E. Fletcher’s drawings on the ‘Match of the Day’ poster are from my pamphlet, There are Boats on the Orchard. Mark Holihan designed the poster and pamphlet.

On a cold February day, the “slow Esses” of the trees performed a ‘Winter Dance’. Lines from this poem, and another, ‘Mulch’, appear on Sara E. Fletcher’s poem bowls. Mark Holihan reflected Sara’s lines in the Winter Dance’ poster design.

High-resolution A3-size copies of the poem posters Match of the Day and/or Winter dance, signed by the author, are available for £5.00 each, plus £2.00 postage and packing. N.B. Postage is free if you order more than one Cultured Llama poster, book or eBook.

Click here for Match of the Day:

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Click here for Winter dance:

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Maria’s pamphlet of poems on the disappearing orchards of Kent, with images by Sara Fletcher, is available exclusively from Cultured Llama Publishing for £7 plus p&p: There are Boats on the Orchard

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