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Collections, anthologies, and poems mixed with curious things


The Hospital, by Ben Barton
Paperback; 64pp; 203×127mm; 978-1-9164128-2-8; October 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Family Likeness, by Michael Curtis
Paperback; 88pp; 203×127mm; 978-1-9164128-0-4; September 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art, by Derek Sellen
Paperback; 98pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-2-6; July 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Floodby Jessica Mookherjee
Paperback; 94pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-1-9; April 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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The Year of the Crab, by Gordon Meade
Paperback; 88pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-3-3; October 2017; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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, by Rose Cook
Paperback; 120pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-4-0; September 2017; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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There are Boats on the Orchard, poems by Maria C. McCarthy, images by Sara Fletcher
Paperback; 210×115mm; 36pp; published exclusively by Cultured Llama and only available here; £7.00; July 2017.
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After Hours, by David Cooke
Paperback; 92pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-0-2; April 2017; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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9780993211980-front-cover-low-resThere Are No Foreign Lands, by Mark Holihan
Paperback; 92pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9932119-8-0; May 2016; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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9780993211973-Perfect4-FRONT COVERThe Light Box, by Rosie Jackson
Paperback; 108pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9932119-7-3; March 2016; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Memorandum-9780993211942-Perfect-REDESIGN-FRONT-COVER-smallMemorandum: Poems for the Fallen, by Vanessa Gebbie
Paperback; 86pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9932119-4-2; February 2016; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Les Animots: A Human Bestiary, by Gordon Meade, images by Douglas Robertson
Hardback; 164pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9926485-9-6; November 2015; Cultured Llama; £13.00
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Richard-Thomas-Zygot-for-webZygote Poems, by Richard Thomas
Paperback; 62pp; 178×127mm; 978-0-9932119-5-9; July 2015; Cultured Llama; £7.00
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John Brewster 9780992648589-Perfect(FINAL).inddAutomatic Writing, by John Brewster
Paperback; 92pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9926485-8-9; July 2015; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Front Cover040315Cold Light of Morning, by Julian Colton
Paperback; 90pp; 203x127mm; 978-0-9926485-7-2; March 2015; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Digging_Front_CoverDigging Up Paradise: Potatoes, People and Poetry in the Garden of England, by Sarah Salway
Paperback; 160pp; 203×203 mm; 978-0-9926485-6-5; June 2014; Cultured Llama; £15.00
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Front cover Michael CurtisThe Fire in Me Now, by Michael Curtis
Paperback; 98pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-4-1; September 2014; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Short of Breath Front Cover 031114Short of Breath, by Vivien Jones
Paperback; 98pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-5-8; November 2014; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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MH.-COVER-HildaSheehan-Perfect-FINALThe Night My Sister Went to Hollywood, by Hilda Sheehan
Paperback; 82pp;  203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-8-8; March 2013; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Rose Cook Front CoverNotes From a Bright Field, by Rose Cook
Paperback; 104pp;  203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-9-5; July 2013; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Gordon-Meade-9780992648503-Front-coverSounds of the Real World, by Gordon Meade
Paperback; 104pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-0-3; August 2013; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Bethany_Pope_A_Radiance_FRONT_COVER_DRAFT_204x326A Radiance, by Bethany W. Pope
Paperback; 70pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9568921-3-3; June 2012; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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9780956892157-FRONT_COVERThe Strangest Thankyou, by Richard Thomas
Paperback; 96pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-5-7; November 2012; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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Strange Fruits

strange fruits, by Maria C. McCarthy
Paperback; 72pp;  203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-0-2; July 2011; Cultured Llama; £10.00
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