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Collections, anthologies, and poems mixed with curious things

The Cultured Llama has gone out to pasture

Our books are no longer available to order from this site. Some titles may be available from individual authors. Go to Authors for more details.


The Hospital, by Ben Barton
Paperback; 64pp; 203×127mm; 978-1-9164128-2-8; October 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Family Likeness, by Michael Curtis
Paperback; 88pp; 203×127mm; 978-1-9164128-0-4; September 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

The Other Guernica: Poems Inspired by Spanish Art, by Derek Sellen
Paperback; 98pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-2-6; July 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Floodby Jessica Mookherjee
Paperback; 94pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-1-9; April 2018; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details


The Year of the Crab, by Gordon Meade
Paperback; 88pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-3-3; October 2017; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

, by Rose Cook
Paperback; 120pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-4-0; September 2017; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

There are Boats on the Orchard, poems by Maria C. McCarthy, images by Sara Fletcher
Paperback; 210×115mm; 36pp; published exclusively by Cultured Llama and only available here; £7.00; July 2017.
More details

After Hours, by David Cooke
Paperback; 92pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9957381-0-2; April 2017; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details


9780993211980-front-cover-low-resThere Are No Foreign Lands, by Mark Holihan
Paperback; 92pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9932119-8-0; May 2016; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

9780993211973-Perfect4-FRONT COVERThe Light Box, by Rosie Jackson
Paperback; 108pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9932119-7-3; March 2016; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Memorandum-9780993211942-Perfect-REDESIGN-FRONT-COVER-smallMemorandum: Poems for the Fallen, by Vanessa Gebbie
Paperback; 86pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9932119-4-2; February 2016; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details



Les Animots: A Human Bestiary, by Gordon Meade, images by Douglas Robertson
Hardback; 164pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9926485-9-6; November 2015; Cultured Llama; £13.00
More details, including downloadable sample pages

Richard-Thomas-Zygot-for-webZygote Poems, by Richard Thomas
Paperback; 62pp; 178×127mm; 978-0-9932119-5-9; July 2015; Cultured Llama; £7.00
More details

John Brewster 9780992648589-Perfect(FINAL).inddAutomatic Writing, by John Brewster
Paperback; 92pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9926485-8-9; July 2015; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Front Cover040315Cold Light of Morning, by Julian Colton
Paperback; 90pp; 203x127mm; 978-0-9926485-7-2; March 2015; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details


Digging_Front_CoverDigging Up Paradise: Potatoes, People and Poetry in the Garden of England, by Sarah Salway N.B. This book is no longer published by Cultured Llama.
More details, including downloadable sample pages

Front cover Michael CurtisThe Fire in Me Now, by Michael Curtis
Paperback; 98pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-4-1; September 2014; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Short of Breath Front Cover 031114Short of Breath, by Vivien Jones
Paperback; 98pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-5-8; November 2014; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details


MH.-COVER-HildaSheehan-Perfect-FINALThe Night My Sister Went to Hollywood, by Hilda Sheehan
Paperback; 82pp;  203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-8-8; March 2013; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Rose Cook Front CoverNotes From a Bright Field, by Rose Cook
Paperback; 104pp;  203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-9-5; July 2013; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

Gordon-Meade-9780992648503-Front-coverSounds of the Real World, by Gordon Meade
Paperback; 104pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9926485-0-3; August 2013; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details


Bethany_Pope_A_Radiance_FRONT_COVER_DRAFT_204x326A Radiance, by Bethany W. Pope
Paperback; 70pp; 203×127mm; 978-0-9568921-3-3; June 2012; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

9780956892157-FRONT_COVERThe Strangest Thankyou, by Richard Thomas
Paperback; 96pp; 203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-5-7; November 2012; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details


Strange Fruits

strange fruits, by Maria C. McCarthy
Paperback; 72pp;  203×127 mm; 978-0-9568921-0-2; July 2011; Cultured Llama; £10.00
More details

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