Unusual Places and London Calling reviewed in The Frogmore Papers

April 1st, 2019 § 0 comments

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Two Cultured Llama short story collections are reviewed in The Frogmore Papers 93. Charlotte Gann reviews Unusual Places by Louise Tondeur:

Derek Sellen and Louise Tondeur at Faversham Literary Festival. Photo by Ben McLoughlin

I found this short-story collection compelling. Louise Tondeur has a way of writing that catches the reader up, and carries her with her. I’m drawn in by a story that starts, for instance, Silence. I can hear…  Her writing seems generous, and her imagination boundless, while skilfully channeled in a collection that works well as a unified set. Yes, these stories take us to unusual places. But the people we encounter there are all-too familiar, if we allow ourselves to relax and recognise them. (Her open, good-natured style of writing helps a lot with this.) Isolated, bullied, brave and resourceful, they seem to me, simply, our most vulnerable selves: i.e. human. A writer of imagination, purpose and compassion.

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Jules Winchester reviews London Calling by Jeremy Page:

As well as relating to each story in the here and now, we are transported to a recognisable past world in London Calling, and to a potential future world seen through the eyes of the Professor of Language Death Studies in ‘Pravda’, worlds in which characters face significant social, as well as personal, changes with stoicism, pragmatism or optimism. The relevance of the stories to today’s world is enhanced by the masterful use of language and imagery in their telling, which impress and entertain in equal measure.

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